Chuango | Wireless DIY smart home security systems
Chuango | Wireless DIY smart home security systems
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  • WiFi & Cellular Alarm Systems
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  • WiFi Alarm Systems
  • AWV Plus
  • GSM Alarm Systems
  • G5 Plus
  • G3
  • 3G (WCDMA) Alarm System
  • G5W
  • GSM & PSTN Alarm System
  • B11
  • PSTN Alarm Systems
  • A8
  • A11
  • On-Site Alarm System
  • CG-105S
  • Video Camera
  • IP Camera
  • IP116 plus
  • Video Doorbell & Chime
  • WDB-70
  • Cloud Recording
  • Cloud Recording
  • Wireless Accessories
  • Accessories
  • Solar-Powered Siren SPS-260
  • Panic Button SOS-100
  • Remote Control RC-80
  • Wireless Keypad KP-700
  • Signal Repeater RT-101
  • Wireless Outdoor Siren WS-280
  • Wireless Indoor Siren WS-105
  • Dummy Siren DPS-26
  • Intruder Detectors
  • Ceiling-Mounted PIR Motion Detector PIR-700
  • Curtain PIR Motion Detector PIR-800
  • Pet-Immune PIR Motion Detector PIR-910
  • PIR & Microwave Dual-tech Motion Detector PIR-926
  • Multi-beam IR Sensors AID-420
  • Door/Window Contact DWC-102
  • Roller Shutter Door Sensor DWC-55
  • Environmental Detectors
  • Vibration Detector WD-80
  • Glass Break Detector GT-126
  • Smoke Detector SMK-500
  • Water Detector WI-210
  • Smart Sockets
  • E5
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  • Products
  • WiFi Alarm System
    AWV Plus
    WiFi Alarm System
    AWV Plus bundle kit is with one more HD WiFi camera than standard alarm kit. It offers you a sense of security that is easily visible and palpable
  • Smart Video Doorbell
     Smart Video Doorbell
    Chuango Smart Video Doorbell is an all-new addition to the Chuango smart home portfolio, powered by Chuango’s signature form and function as well as ease of use
  • WiFi/Cellular Smart Home System
    H4 Plus
    WiFi/Cellular Smart Home System
    Aside from regular chuango security capability and functionality, the H4 also controls and saves power for your home appliances that are plugged into smart switches.
  • GSM/SMS/RFID Touch Alarm System
    G5 Plus
    GSM/SMS/RFID Touch Alarm System
    The G5 Plus is an updated version based on G5.
  • 3G (WCDMA) Alarm System
    3G (WCDMA) Alarm System
    Chuango G5W comes with an elegantly charming design and a user-friendly front panel that is ultra responsive to human touches.
  • Solar-Powered Siren
    Solar-Powered Siren
    The SPS-260 is completely free of wires, designed to protect yards, drive ways, gardens and all types of other external locations.
  • Panic Button
    Panic Button
    In emergency, simply press the SOS-100, and the alarm system will be triggered for appropriate action. It must be used with a Chuango alarm system.
  • Vibration Detector
    Vibration Detector
    Wireless Vibration Detector will sense any vibration and send out wireless signal to main panel for alarm. Levels of sensitivities could be adjusted accordingly.
  • GSM/SMS Alarm System
    GSM/SMS Alarm System
    G3 is everything you need to keep your home secure. Monitored by smartphone and controlled via SMS and Apps.
  • Remote Control
    Remote Control
    Easy to carry around on a keychain or in your pocket or purse, the RC-80 helps you quickly arm or disarm your alarm system...
  • PSTN Alarm System
    PSTN Alarm System
    Economical telephone line connection alarm system, with Contact ID protocol, is easy to set up and operate.
  • Wireless Keypad
    Wireless Keypad
    Wireless keypad, suitable for Chuango alarm panels, also can be used as access control to work with electronic door lock.
  • PSTN/LCD/RFID Touch Alarm System
    PSTN/LCD/RFID Touch Alarm System
    Ingenious security alarm system with LCD display and RFID reader, secure you house 24 hours. Peace of mind at your fingertips.
  • On-Site Alarm System
    On-Site Alarm System
    When connected to a chuango alarm system controller and an incident occurs, the 105S siren will go off with the strobe light flashing.
  • Ceiling-Mounted PIR Motion Detector
    Ceiling-Mounted PIR Motion Detector
    360 degrees angle and full around detection range, temperature auto-compensation avoids false alarms.
  • Curtain PIR Motion Detector
    Curtain PIR Motion Detector
    Curtain PIR motion detector is designed to protect window, door or balcony and for a secure life.
  • Pet-Immune PIR Motion Detector
    Pet-Immune PIR Motion Detector
    Avoid false alarm with Pet-Immune function. SMS notification will be sent in low voltage situation.
  • PIR & Microwave Dual-tech Motion Detector
    PIR & Microwave Dual-tech Motion Detector
    Featured with proprietary infrared technology, fuzzy logic and sophisticated algorithm, the sensor accurately detects for human body movements and...
  • Multi-beam IR Sensors
    Multi-beam IR Sensors
    Ideal for placements on fences, balconies or by garage doors, Chuango AID-420 sensors work wonders in outdoor environments and detect acts of intrusion via invisible infrared beams.
  • Door/Window Contact
    Door/Window Contact
    Simple design with internal antenna keeps your house safe as a part of your interior decoration.
  • Roller Shutter Door Sensor
    Roller Shutter Door Sensor
    The DWC-55 Roller Shutter Door Sensor is used for rolling gates.When the Metal Magnet and the Metal Reed Switch are separated more than 2cm
  • Signal Repeater
    Signal Repeater
    Wireless signal repeater is applied to decode the signal in the air and strengthen the transmitting power to extend work range.
  • HD WiFi Camera
    IP116 plus
    HD WiFi Camera
  • Wireless Outdoor Siren
    Wireless Outdoor Siren
    When connected to an alarm system, the WS-280 is an effective crime deterrent and can easily work with other sirens in the same system.
  • Dual-Network Alarm System
    Dual-Network Alarm System
    B11 is a 24x7 all-around security alarm solution. Interactive operation through App or phone call makes it smart and easy to use. Just download free App from Google Play or App Store.
  • Glass Break Detector
    Glass Break Detector
    With high sensitivity and temper protection, it aims to protect glass window for a securer environment.
  • Smoke Detector
    Smoke Detector
    Wireless Smoke Detector always protects your home from fire burning. A safety home is right there waiting for your back.
  • Water Detector
    Water Detector
    Wireless Water Detector is a sensitive detector for water immersion. It will eliminate your concern about the water flood.
  • Wireless Indoor Siren
    Wireless Indoor Siren
    Deter intruders with voice volume up to 90dB. The night lamp offers convenience at night.
  • GPRS/Wifi Remote Switch
    GPRS/Wifi Remote Switch
    A smart and intelligent power switching system is controlled by Apps and enables you to set home appliances working conditions conveniently any time anywhere.
  • Video Recording Options
    Cloud Recording
    Video Recording Options
    The cloud-based video recording options mean that every bell-ringing or motion-triggered event can be securely encrypted and stored as a 15-second video clip in the cloud, which can then be accessed and shared by authorized users anywhere, anytime via a compatible app.
  • Dummy Siren
    Dummy Siren
    An effective, economical deterrent, the DPS-26 with LED indicators flashing every 5 secondslooks like a real siren.