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Chuango | Wireless DIY smart home security systems
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      PSTN Alarm System
    Plug & Play
    Plug in a PSTN fixed landline, and the A8 is ready to go. When set up and triggered, the system will sound the siren and call preprogrammed numbers.
    Flash & Tell
    LED Indicators on Guard
    Zoned & Protected
    Different protection zones can be easily set up by you via a remote control, so that you can still move about in the house freely while keeping potential threats out.
    Call-in Prompts
    Call in to the system, punch in the code, and you get to remotely arm, disarm and listen in simply by following the voice prompts.
    Life Lines
    The A8 stores up to 6 regular phone numbers and 2 ADEMCO CID compatible central station numbers.

    System Items

    CG-A8 Control Panel x 1
    DWC-102 Wireless Door/Window Contact x 1
    PIR-910 Wireless Pet-Immune PIR Motion Detector x 1
    RC-80 Wireless Remote Control x2


    Model No. CG-A8
    Power Supply DC 12V 500mA, 6Wh
    Standby Current 25mA
    Alarm Current 260mA
    Backup Battery 7.4V/500mAh battery pack
    Internal Siren Volume 100dB
    Radio Frequency 315MHz or 433.92MHz
    Maximum Remote Controls 10 pcs
    Maximum Sensors 50 pcs
    Housing Material ABS plastic
    Operation Condition Temperature: -10°C~ +55°C
     Humidity: 80%RH (non-condensing)
    Dimension (L x W x H) 125x123x35mm